October 8, 2013

Business Impact will Exhibit at SQL Pass Summit 2013!

We’re excited to be hosting a booth at SQL Pass Summit 2013 in Charlotte, NC, from Oct 15-18. It’s our first time (we’ll always remember you Charlotte) and we’re excited because for the past eight years we’ve believed that you have to understand business to build business intelligence solutions. And now we’ll be able to talk with you and other conference attendees about our experiences at more than 70 customers. Experiences such as delivering product contribution and landed costs. About sales goals and budgets. Dashboards and delivery. Why come by? Well, we hope you will experience with us that business intelligence – while aided by SQL Server and technology – is based on understanding you, what you need, and how it can help your customer. We’re at booth 231 and hope you stop by.

Learn more about the event at SQL Pass website here!


SQL Pass

SQL PASS Exhibitor