February 4, 2015

Unified Business Intelligence takes off at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

The breadth of stuff to see and experience at Unified can be intimidating. Hundreds of exhibitors from bottling to field sensors, engineers to reporters, corks to dorks. Having to have one message for such a varied audience was difficult as everyone comes to data from a different perspective.  We unified business intelligence for the attendees.

As I’ve reflected over the couple days since, my summary has been that delivering information – whether in dashboards, emails or however – is more interesting than ever. As a collective, we know we can get to so much more than ever and we are expecting it.

Our Unified Business Intelligence booth with TARGIT was incredibly well received. We live in an age now when we do expect to see sensor data trended over time and mixed with weather data plus market data. Lay over average price per bottle and average cost per bottle. AND give me a call to action from that information.

When we started reporting in the wine industry, we focused to start on 3-tier distribution and allocations. Today we have integrated DTC, customer lifetime value, inventory, AR, AP, financials, social media and have already started down vineyard data plus production. I was excited to expand our footprint – you, the attendees at Unified shared my excitement. I’m looking forward to more unified business intelligence in 2015.