October 29, 2014

ViewPoints 2015 Event Planning begins!

ViewPoints, Business Impact’s bi-annual customer event, is on track for 2015.  The informative event is two and a half days of training, networking, and learning the latest information on what is happening in Business Intelligence.  The event will be held in April 2015 and will kick off with two classroom training sessions on TARGIT’s latest release of their business intelligence tool.  The beginning TARGIT training course (101) will be a half day course of valuable introductory training on the basics of the latest version of the tool.  We have also added a FULL day of TARGIT 201 training that will focus on advanced calculations, gauges, and the most ambitious parts of the latest TARGIT business intelligence tool.

The main event will be “sandwiched” between the two training sessions, and will consist of a full day of Business Intelligence tracks to attend.  The breakout sessions will cover topics such as; the latest and greatest functionality in TARGIT’s new release, new client testimonials, what companies often overlook from their Business Intelligence solutions, and where our Consultants see Business Intelligence going in the future in your industry.  The event will allow time for guests to network with their industry peers on how other companies utilize their data to make better business decisions.  Wineries, Manufacturers, Convenience Stores and more industries will be attending the epic conference this year being held in Sonoma, California.

With new clients coming on board rapidly, we have outgrown our previous Napa resort location.  We are expecting over 65 clients for our main event, and up to 100 over the course of the three days.  With the increase in attendees, the location and finalization of dates will be confirmed and announced shortly.

We are excited to host the third annual ViewPoints event  in April 2015.  Watch for our upcoming emails that will be detailing more information on the event, and how to sign up for the session tracks and training.