January 9, 2014

Wine Business Intelligence guy visiting Unified in Sacramento

I’ve heard about Unified in the past, and for the first time I’ll attend Jan 28-30. I’m told the waiting list for vendors is more than a year long to have a booth. That sounds like a lot to me. And some have asked why I’m going to walk the floor if we aren’t selling. They are not sure what a business intelligence data guy like me will get out of it but meeting people, seeing the new stuff in the industry. I bet we get some new ideas.

We already go beyond your typical depletion and shipments reporting. Targit is a full self-service, ad hoc business intelligence tool and our expertise with more than 20 wineries is deep. We already built additional methods to manage territories and build budgets that go beyond our competitors.

We’ve grown into analyzing trade promotional dollars (whatever you call them: DAs, chargebacks, billbacks, postoffs, etc), inventory, AR, finances and purchases.

We’ve got a full Direct to Consumer solution that deals with analytics for tasting room, web sales and wine club. We’ve built an add on for inventory and costing analysis off Winemaker’s Database. And we’ve built an allocation engine down to the retail account level.

Our current project is a pricing engine that will integrate with automated DA (depletion allowances data). This will automate data flow, reduce data entry errors, and enforce accuracy of deals for both wholesalers and wineries.

All these new areas come from having a vision of what needs to be reported. What do we want to measure? How can we tell we’re doing a good/bad job? Asking and answering these questions. And because there will be new ideas and new methods and new technologies at Unified, well, I’m excited.

You can learn more about who we are and schedule a time to meet with me by clicking here