What Makes up the Total Cost of BI?

If you’re currently in the market for a business intelligence solution, then it’s assumed that your organization is in the mind-state of growth. It’s likely that your business is growing at a pace that is getting difficult to handle or maybe the pace is consistent, but you have a thirst for a new way of… Read more »

What to Do When Your BI Expires

As the saying goes: all good things must come to an end. And the category of “good things” should definitely include your business intelligence software. In order to keep your technology up-to-date (and to make sure you continue paying the supplier), BI software providers make it a note to add new features every couple of… Read more »

Is BI Worth the Money?

If the conversation of business intelligence comes up, one of the first questions that will come up from interested companies is “Is it really worth the investment?” And that’s a tough question to answer as it’s hard to give out guarantees because much of the payoff has to do with the work done on your… Read more »

4 Ways to Excite Your Employees About BI

The concept of business intelligence (BI) is extremely useful and practical for any type of business that desires to keep track of company information and make decisions based on statistics rather than instinct. But, let’s face it — it’s also not unheard of for employees to be simply bored of the data that’s being collected.… Read more »

4 Effective Practices for Data Visualization

What is the biggest pitfall in your business intelligence solution? For some, they’re lacking the proper technology to provide the big data that’s needed for their decision makers. For others, it’s the ease of use that’s required to maximize the capabilities of their BI technology. Best case, you have no limitations in your technology and… Read more »

What Employees Should Know about BI

While business intelligence and all of the critical information that it provides your organization is primarily best-served by your decision makers, its value should be felt company-wide. Some departments aren’ t even aware that big data is being collected on their efforts, and thus, when conversations regarding BI strategies are brought up, they fail to… Read more »

Why Are BI Editors Necessary?

When you were a kid preparing for important standardized writing tests or maybe your SATs in high school, teachers often tried to drill certain strategies in your head to help boost your performance: read over the question twice, check your work, show proof, etc. While the platform for which these techniques are implemented has ultimately… Read more »

How Important is Big Data Really?

Much is discussed in business intelligence circles about the importance of being able to collect and analyze big data. However, less is spoken of how important it truly is in maintaining a successful business. With thousands being invested in big data tools from businesses of all sizes, it’s pertinent to understand how effective that investment… Read more »

3 Competitive Advantages of BI

Running a successful business entails more than maintaining sales, providing consistent service and staying the course. If your company’s leadership is determined to maximize progress, then your eyes are likely constantly set towards the future. And part of having an informed foresight has to do with understanding your past and current economics. As many businesses… Read more »

4 BI Improvements You’ve Been Waiting For

As we have successfully made it past the midpoint of 2015, the year is shaping up to offer several new enhancements in big data and analytics. Much of the improvements that come in the BI community comes in the form of either simpler, faster or more — and this improvement trickles down to businesses of… Read more »