3 Competitive Advantages of BI

Running a successful business entails more than maintaining sales, providing consistent service and staying the course. If your company’s leadership is determined to maximize progress, then your eyes are likely constantly set towards the future. And part of having an informed foresight has to do with understanding your past and current economics. As many businesses… Read more »

4 Major Misconceptions about The Cloud

The rise of cloud technology, applications and its other components have totally flipped the technology industry on its head. Businesses and individuals have both benefited from the cloud’s ability to store their data wirelessly and in a way that is accessible from any location with wireless internet capability. And as it becomes more ubiquitous, more… Read more »

4 BI Improvements You’ve Been Waiting For

As we have successfully made it past the midpoint of 2015, the year is shaping up to offer several new enhancements in big data and analytics. Much of the improvements that come in the BI community comes in the form of either simpler, faster or more — and this improvement trickles down to businesses of… Read more »

Data Privacy: What’s the Big Deal?

For those in the private sector, collecting customer information serves as an incredible tool to not only engage with your customers, but to also cater to their needs. The amount of information that prospects are willing to give you also allows you to gauge their interest in your services. However, while your website may be… Read more »

IoT — Is it the Next Digital Revolution?

There was once a time when the idea of having a device in your pocket that could make phone calls was unheard of. Then, there was a time when the Internet was just going to be a short-lived idea that only benefited scientists and researchers. Now today, everyone is waiting at the edge of their… Read more »

What Does “BI Solution” Really Mean?

Have you ever been having a conversation with a consultant, but were unaware of the buzzwords that kept being brought up? Often times in the business intelligence industry, this is the case. However, we understand that an informed consumer is the best kind of customer and we would rather you have a firm understanding of… Read more »

Is Your Business Intelligence TOO Complex?

A major part of maximizing your business intelligence solution is the ease in which you’re able to use it yourself. Of course, if you have an independent BI team that is managing all of your tools, then the need to understanding the inner workings of it decreases in importance. 

However, for those of you who… Read more »

BI & Business Analytics: Are They The Same?

You’ve definitely heard of business intelligence and you’ve likely heard the term business analytics before. In fact, you probably heard both terms used interchangeably, but you aren’t quite sure what the difference is. That’s expected, as some in the BI community aren’t exactly sure where the two terms diverge into separate concepts. BI experts actually… Read more »

3 Tactics to Boost Your BI Production

No business owner wants to be at the mercy of their business intelligence technology. While many BI applications can serve your business for a reasonable amount of time, this isn’t the case with most solutions. As you may already know, the requirements and updates that these providers offer are constantly changing and make it difficult… Read more »

What is Big Data Discovery?

In the business intelligence community, not much has been discussed yet about big data discovery. However, in a couple of years you should be ready to get real familiar with the term. In fact, the term is so new, as you read the first sentence over, you may even begin to think that a typo… Read more »