Aptean BI – Business Intelligence Review

Aptean announced at its Edge conference a corporate BI platform in QlikView. One size will fit all. Pre-integrated dashboards ready to go; you could change them but then that is your responsibility. These were the messages regarding Aptean BI. What does that mean for its customers, specifically in the Ross area where we have quite… Read more »

Aptean Edge Review – From Behind the Sign

Roughly 1000 customers from a dozen computer systems have come to Aptean Edge at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, most happy to be out of the office and eager to hear the Aptean updates. Like most user conferences, Aptean Edge has sessions to lay out their road map, changes, updates and all the… Read more »

Business Impact Launches a Cloud BI Solution

This week we launch our Business Intelligence solution for the cloud – Business Impact’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution.  Clients often ask us, why BI in the cloud?  What does business intelligence in the cloud do for my organization?  What will my company gain with a cloud BI solution? There are key benefits to a cloud BI… Read more »

Convenience Stores Perform Market Basket Analysis To Increase Profitability

One of the most valuable pieces of information in the Convenience Store industry revolves around your customers’ buying habits, their market basket analysis.  Understanding your customers’ behaviors to develop effective merchandising strategies is key to protect and increase profits.  Market basket analysis allows management to quickly and easily look at the size, contents, and value of… Read more »

Take Control of Your Convenience Store Purchasing Data

The glory days where distributors offered full guarantee on all spoilage seems to be gone and in general we see a trend of more and more activities being pushed downstream and your convenience store purchasing data is becoming more and more important to your profitability. We see store owners struggling to cope with: The need… Read more »

Wine Depletion Data and its Influence on the 3 P’s

How important to you is knowing your actual inventory level with your distributors.  Or knowing which product is being sold out of which retailer.  Some may say, not very, since your books already reflect a sale.  Others may reason that it’s hot on the priority list, so you can better manage your products, promotions and process. … Read more »

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Makes an Impression

Wow!! That’s some show. Having worked in the wine industry for more than eight years, I’ve seen the number of details that contribute to a beautiful glass of wine. Just not all in one GIANT room. Unified Wine & Grape Symposium sure makes an impression!  Sensors for vineyards. Software for production. Shears for pruning. Barrels.… Read more »

6 ways to avoid scope creep in your next BI project

One of the greatest threats to a successful Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence project is scope creep, and the consequence is often a poor return on investment – or even failure, if not managed properly. We define “scope creep” simply as having a project scope that increases in size due to initially unintended or unanticipated changes to requirements and… Read more »