Microsoft’s Master Data Management as a system?

Master Data Management (MDM) is important because dirty data means poor adoption, poor decisions and poor BI, but to think of it as a separate system is very difficult.[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]Imagine SAP having to accept that the MDM team had chosen the global part code for a product will be X (as assigned by other… Read more »

How to Install Pubs Database in SQL Server 2012 in 1 query

Upon request I published how to install Pubs database for SQL Server 2012. Several have had trouble attaching it following the guide for How to install Northwind for SQL Server 2012. One can download Northwind and Pubs here: where the same script is included. How: Open a new query in SQL Server Management Studios, copy paste… Read more »

Stock out counts and other inventory balances

A client recently asked why their measure for Zero Inventory Counts (stock out counts) was running long, and you’d think getting a list of times you didn’t have inventory would be easy. Except, it depends on how you are figuring that out. For them it is very slow because they are not using a balances… Read more »

Install Northwind database in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in 3 easy steps

This guide will show how to install northwind database in only  3 easy steps. Having trouble attaching northwind  database to your  SQL Server 2012? Well you are not alone! Northwind is the name of the sample database for SQL Server 2000, that later got replaced with the AdventureWorks sample database in SQL Server 2005. However,… Read more »

Identifying Product Line Profitability through Landed Cost Analysis

Edit: The webinar is closed for registration (February 5th 2013) Establishing landed costs for the products that a company handles can be a tricky business. There are freight costs, but they are not generally by SKU. There is trade promotional spending, which might be by item, by product group, or just to a customer. In order… Read more »

SQL Server 2012 SP1 is out!

To all Business Impact Clients: Microsoft released on the 19th November, the first Service Pack (SP1) for SQL Server 2012. One can find the list of fixes in their support article: and read more about the individual bugs and issues. In general, we are finding that SQL2012 is a highly stable, very fast improved… Read more »