SQL Pass Summit 2014 Great Success!

MDX, aggregations, scope assignments… SQL Pass Summit 2014 was data nerd heaven in terms of having access to uber experts who you can ask and learn from. Some learn from white papers only or maybe a book. Personally, I prefer face to face with real examples and it has been completely refreshing here at SQL… Read more »

SQL Pass continues with more exciting Power BI

Day 2 at SQL Pass. Couple logistical things that have been a challenge. The sessions have staggered starts. Like some sessions at 10:30 and some starting at 10:45. It’s a pain for sure. Also it rains a lot in Seattle. Who knew? After an evening of reflection, some summary thoughts on Day 1. The last… Read more »

SQL Pass Demos Power BI and Power Query – looking good!

First day coming to an end here in Seattle at SQL Pass Summit. One more session today. Lots of demos of Power Query and Power BI, and these tools continue to mature. It is hard to tell what is “about to be released” and what is actually out, but the demos are fun to watch.… Read more »

We are here – SQL Pass 2014!

Hello customers… one thing that defines us at Business Impact is our commitment to stay on top of what is happening in the world of business intelligence. We can do this dozens of ways, but our largest investment comes when we attend the SQL Pass 2014 Summit. Guess where Michele and I are today? SQL updates and… Read more »

ViewPoints 2015 Event Planning begins!

ViewPoints, Business Impact’s bi-annual customer event, is on track for 2015.  The informative event is two and a half days of training, networking, and learning the latest information on what is happening in Business Intelligence.  The event will be held in April 2015 and will kick off with two classroom training sessions on TARGIT’s latest… Read more »

Aptean BI – Business Intelligence Review

Aptean announced at its Edge conference a corporate BI platform in QlikView. One size will fit all. Pre-integrated dashboards ready to go; you could change them but then that is your responsibility. These were the messages regarding Aptean BI. What does that mean for its customers, specifically in the Ross area where we have quite… Read more »

Aptean Edge Review – From Behind the Sign

Roughly 1000 customers from a dozen computer systems have come to Aptean Edge at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, most happy to be out of the office and eager to hear the Aptean updates. Like most user conferences, Aptean Edge has sessions to lay out their road map, changes, updates and all the… Read more »

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Makes an Impression

Wow!! That’s some show. Having worked in the wine industry for more than eight years, I’ve seen the number of details that contribute to a beautiful glass of wine. Just not all in one GIANT room. Unified Wine & Grape Symposium sure makes an impression!  Sensors for vineyards. Software for production. Shears for pruning. Barrels.… Read more »