Adding an “As Of” Date to TARGIT Reports

Financial statements in TARGIT are often constructed with comparisons and calculations for more exact formatting. The comparisons can hold elements for current and previous years, quarters, months, or any combination of time you can think of. We have had trouble in the past with adding the actual date to these TARGIT reports, especially if we’re… Read more »

How Important is Big Data Really?

Much is discussed in business intelligence circles about the importance of being able to collect and analyze big data. However, less is spoken of how important it truly is in maintaining a successful business. With thousands being invested in big data tools from businesses of all sizes, it’s pertinent to understand how effective that investment… Read more »

The Pros & Cons of Data Warehouses

Your BI solution’s data warehouse (DW) serves as one of the initial checkpoints for your important business data. Your DW is a repository where your data is stored electronically before the data is able to be reported and analyzed. As a whole, this portion of you BI solution is also in charge of loading, managing… Read more »

Is Your ERP System Doing Enough?

How confident are you in your current data gathering methods? Is it taking longer for your team to interpret your data because you have tricky graphs, charts and projections? When was the last time you considered replacing your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software?

Filter Reports in Report Manager using Keywords

Microsoft’s Report Manager has already proven its capabilities as a powerful frontend portal, for easy distribution of reports to the business. The folder based interface in a browser makes navigation intuitive and comfortable for most users (even the “technical challenged”!) and allows for great flexibility on security settings down to the individual report, folder or… Read more »