SQL Pass Summit 2014 Great Success!

MDX, aggregations, scope assignments… SQL Pass Summit 2014 was data nerd heaven in terms of having access to uber experts who you can ask and learn from. Some learn from white papers only or maybe a book. Personally, I prefer face to face with real examples and it has been completely refreshing here at SQL… Read more »

SQL Pass continues with more exciting Power BI

Day 2 at SQL Pass. Couple logistical things that have been a challenge. The sessions have staggered starts. Like some sessions at 10:30 and some starting at 10:45. It’s a pain for sure. Also it rains a lot in Seattle. Who knew? After an evening of reflection, some summary thoughts on Day 1. The last… Read more »

SQL Pass Demos Power BI and Power Query – looking good!

First day coming to an end here in Seattle at SQL Pass Summit. One more session today. Lots of demos of Power Query and Power BI, and these tools continue to mature. It is hard to tell what is “about to be released” and what is actually out, but the demos are fun to watch.… Read more »

We are here – SQL Pass 2014!

Hello customers… one thing that defines us at Business Impact is our commitment to stay on top of what is happening in the world of business intelligence. We can do this dozens of ways, but our largest investment comes when we attend the SQL Pass 2014 Summit. Guess where Michele and I are today? SQL updates and… Read more »

Recap of Day 2 at SQL Pass Summit 2013

SQL Pass Summit 2013 day 2 sessions! Another great day at the “office”, with great sessions and great opportunity for networking. The keynote was the hot topic at the water cooler, and it was interesting to listen on how it was perceived among participants (Doug Hoogervorst gives his thoughts on the summit keynote). Most agreed… Read more »

SQL PASS Summit Keynote

THANK GOD! I’m watching the keynote at SQL Pass and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 will allow us to ask for simple data we would never ask for and to graphically map it or chart it we would never want. No assistance on helping users join data from multiple systems where there is limited commonality. (Unless… Read more »

Business Impact will Exhibit at SQL Pass Summit 2013!

We’re excited to be hosting a booth at SQL Pass Summit 2013 in Charlotte, NC, from Oct 15-18. It’s our first time (we’ll always remember you Charlotte) and we’re excited because for the past eight years we’ve believed that you have to understand business to build business intelligence solutions. And now we’ll be able to… Read more »

Snapshot Tables Data Warehouse

Often our customers ask us to capture a specific point in time – say inventory or how much they are owed in Accounts Receivable – so that they can refer back to it later. Of course, this can be recreated by rolling back all the transactions but it is far easier to capture a snapshot… Read more »

Microsoft’s Master Data Management as a system?

Master Data Management (MDM) is important because dirty data means poor adoption, poor decisions and poor BI, but to think of it as a separate system is very difficult.[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]Imagine SAP having to accept that the MDM team had chosen the global part code for a product will be X (as assigned by other… Read more »

How to Install Pubs Database in SQL Server 2012 in 1 query

Upon request I published how to install Pubs database for SQL Server 2012. Several have had trouble attaching it following the guide for How to install Northwind for SQL Server 2012. One can download Northwind and Pubs here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=23654 where the same script is included. How: Open a new query in SQL Server Management Studios, copy paste… Read more »