Predictive Analytics: What It Is & How it Works

One of the main reasons why any organization invests in business intelligence solutions is so that they can make well-informed decisions backed by real-time data and accurate analytics. Your technology should take into account the past and present measurements that you’ve collected to give you a proper forecast for the future — and this practice… Read more »

4 Major Misconceptions about The Cloud

The rise of cloud technology, applications and its other components have totally flipped the technology industry on its head. Businesses and individuals have both benefited from the cloud’s ability to store their data wirelessly and in a way that is accessible from any location with wireless internet capability. And as it becomes more ubiquitous, more… Read more »

ViewPoints 2015 Event Planning begins!

ViewPoints, Business Impact’s bi-annual customer event, is on track for 2015.  The informative event is two and a half days of training, networking, and learning the latest information on what is happening in Business Intelligence.  The event will be held in April 2015 and will kick off with two classroom training sessions on TARGIT’s latest… Read more »

Happy Anniversary Business Impact!

Okay, it feels like I’m a school kid, feeling a little giddy about our 9th birthday of Business Impact. To be honest, I started the company mainly to escape a setting where I felt the skills of business intelligence were vastly underappreciated. But today so many appreciate what we do – clients, co-workers, prospects, colleagues.… Read more »

Wine Depletion Data and its Influence on the 3 P’s

How important to you is knowing your actual inventory level with your distributors.  Or knowing which product is being sold out of which retailer.  Some may say, not very, since your books already reflect a sale.  Others may reason that it’s hot on the priority list, so you can better manage your products, promotions and process. … Read more »

TARGIT and Business Impact Discuss BI Partner Success!

Recently TARGIT’s team sat down with Doug Hoogervorst, Owner and CEO of Business Impact, to discuss how their partnership is generating success.  As a proven team, TARGIT and Business Impact transform company’s data into information, providing customers personalized business intelligence solutions for their organizations. Why is their partnership such a success?  Business Impact unlocks the… Read more »