Convenience Stores

Not only is your Convenience Store chain unique, each individual location presents different challenges and opportunities. What works to pump up profit and reduce waste can be different depending on locations and the neighborhoods they are in.

Your data may come from your accounting package, but also from spreadsheets or labor systems or even straight from the point of sale. Automating the collection of data, coordinating and organizing it into a data warehouse is the key. We build custom reports and dashboards that show your business the way you want to see it.

So… What do you need to know?

Can you tell the average market basket of any transaction that has a Coke in it? Or any Coke product? Not only can we do that, we can do it by store or region and compare that to Pepsi market baskets. With that information at hand, you are more empowered when it comes time for your vendor reviews and negotiating rebates.

We can help compare labor dollars per square foot to inside sales per square foot. And, by department or category. In the convenience store industry, making those comparisons by hour can mean improving staffing levels, which can amount to real savings.

Benefits to investing in Business Intelligence

  • Reduce labor costs by automating processes and data
  • Cut out data traffic jams by enabling all users, not just IT
  • Making data actionable through indicators and alerts and reducing clutter
  • Aligning business performance with objectives
  • Making better, faster, decisions

We have solutions that let you manage your business, understand your locations, right-size your labor, and evaluate each product and sku in ways that make an impact on your success.