Food Manufacturing

The food manufacturing industry has evolved to generate increasingly complex demands for measurement. These measurements can vary significantly, depending on the manufacturer’s distribution model and their customers of choice: retail, food service, convenience, mass market, distributors, direct to consumer.

For example, in a grocery store an item sold is typically an “each.” But for the manufacturer there can be different sizes of that “each” – a 14-ounce jar or a five-gallon tub. On a macro scale, management may plan and view the world in a single unit of measure, such as pounds. Although unit conversions can be displayed in a report, what if that information is required almost everywhere? Business Impact delivers solutions across the enterprise.

Sales in the food manufacturing industry are traditionally facilitated through promotions. Promotional activity tends to get complicated due to timing and innovative methods of promoting, which easily impairs the ability to evaluate the performance of a specific product or product line.

Food manufacturing companies are naturally focused on Yield Management and Operation Equipment Efficiency (OEE). However, their Quality Management needs to be held to a higher standard because the products directly influence the health of the end consumers. This makes trace-ability and sound data essential, particularly in times of crisis.

Our experience delivers solutions to food manufacturers on the following:

  • Universal units
  • Inventory turns
  • Days on hand (business days or calendar days)
  • Sales – from gross sales to net sales to net margin
  • Promotional activity
  • Accruals and cash based measuring
  • Commodity products and tracking
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Waste and spoilage
  • Production yields – input to output, output vs. schedule and more
  • Demand planning

Business Impact has experience in bridging the gaps between manufacturing, sales, products and promotions to provide a Food Manufacturing Business Intelligence solution that works the way you work.