General Manufacturing is anything but general. It is packed with very specific data points, operational rules, best practices, regulations, distribution channels and supply chain management.

And while your costs are hard and, for the most part, fixed, your revenue stream can be easily eroded by distributors and sales representatives undercutting your pricing strategies. Your sales teams find creative ways to give away money. Your profit is evaporating and you can’t pin down the reason why.

Business Impact brings together your data, from sources that include your accounting system, ERP and CRM systems, electronic ordering, supply chain and transportation systems and the essential data from your factory floor. Data collection is automated, in near-real time, so you don’t need to burden staff with the job. Your data is cleaned, conformed and organized in a data warehouse, then delivered to your management teams in the way each team wants to see it.

Manufacturing management has an Operations Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and throughput dashboard. Sales management has a sales projections and sales actual dashboard. Finance has all the things Finance people need to see. Everyone has the ability to focus on their own KPIs, and make decisions that make an impact on your net profit.

The Business Intelligence generated by a Business Impact solution includes:

  • Sales – from gross sales to net sales to net margin
  • Profit and Revenue Forecasting
  • Channel Management – Direct. Distributor. Franchise.
  • Promotional activity
  • Accruals and cash based measuring
  • Product Costing
  • Labor Costs and Schedules
  • Operations Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Production yields – input to output, output vs. schedule and more
  • Commodity and Materials Tracking
  • Inventory
  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Supply Chain
  • Demand Planning

Business Impact has experience in bridging the gaps between manufacturing, sales, products and promotions to provide a Manufacturing Business Intelligence solution that works the way you work.