The Pharmaceutical industry is as data intensive as they come. Our work with generic pharmaceutical companies has taught us one thing: whoever originally set up this business model was totally nuts. Trying to figure it out has been directly linked to migraines.

Your data come from your accounting system. Other data is in your ERP and CRM systems. Chargebacks and distributor fees come in electronically. Rebates have to be apportioned by product and correctly dated. Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance plans all feed into the calculations. The FDA gets into the act with regulations on how your codes have to be set up.

We help companies find all the disparate data and connect the dots – from government reporting to chargebacks, from product lot tracking to average manufacturer’s price. We assure the integrity of your data and give your regulatory team confidence in their reporting. We help you get a clear view of your gross to net.

Business Impact solutions for the generic pharmaceutical industry provide a comprehensive set of tools that include:

  • Contracts with General Purchasing Organizations
  • Average Manufacturer’s Price
  • Rebates
  • Accruals
  • Distributor Chargebacks
  • Fee for Service
  • Trends in regional sales
  • Market share data
  • Territory Sales Analysis
  • FDA Regulations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Finance
  • Inventory
  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Demand Planning

Business Impact has gathered common themes and requirements and developed a quick start solution specifically for generic pharmaceutical companies. We deliver holistic pharmaceutical business intelligence to your entire management team.