Business Impact provides Business Intelligence to dozens of wineries. They all have one thing in common – they make wine. Apart from that no two wineries are alike. Their methods are different, their products are different, their sales and distribution strategies are different.

What’s also different is the way each winery wants to view and use their data. Some want to see wholesale distribution and inventory across the US. Other want to see Direct-to-Consumer and reports of who is buying online and how often. Still others want to get to a net sales number by taking gross sales and subtracting depletion allowances and other promotional spend.

We customize our solutions and reporting services to each individual winery’s needs. That said, we understand the importance of speed in implementing a Business Intelligence solution. So, many of our solutions are available as proven, pre-packaged, template solutions that include a fully functional dimensional data warehouse, OLAP cubes and reports, support for sales, inventory, open orders, purchasing, general ledger and more.

Benefits of our Winery Analytics template solution include:

  • Built using industry standards for 9-liter and case equivalents
  • Multi-brand analysis
  • Tracks on premise vs. off-premise retail dollars
  • Based on a fully functional, fully documented dimensional data warehouse
  • Analysis Services Cubes automatically generated
  • Functional prototype with your data built in 24 hours
  • Running in production in 5 days.
  • Extendable
  • Scalable

Business Impact helped Foley Family Winery transform their data into business intelligence. Listen to their experience.

“You eliminated hours I used to spend generating a bulk wine inventory report in excel. Working with Business Impact was very easy. I could communicate via email or by telephone and then I would see results come back quickly.”

-Eric Stine, VP of Winemaking

“Business Impact was really good at foreseeing problems and helping us to structure our data in a way that will work long term.”

-Kristina Gerren, Manager of Business Processes & Doer of Things, Foley Family Winery

“You guys are awesome because you understand the business needs and turn it into reality through access to the data.”

-Neal Cram, Director of Business Analytics

“Since working with Business Impact, I spend more time with my employees training them on how to sell and not behind a computer creating excel spreadsheets.”

-Kenny Koda, Senior Hospitality Manager, Foley Family Winery

“As the Wine Club Manager, I can pull from multiple inventories rather than just looking at what I have here at my winery where I’m sitting at today. I can sell wine from our winery down the street because I know what I have in stock.”

-Brian Teaff, DTC & Wine Club Manager

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