Our Process

How We Work

If our Core Expertise is “what we know,” our Process is “what we do with what we know.” Our methodology is straightforward and intuitive. But beyond methodology, we make a commitment to your success. At no point of the process does something become “your problem.” We’re in this together.

Based on the pillars of our core expertise, we have developed the process that gets you where you need to go.


Identify your universe of data.

We work with you to identify and gather essential information from the systems and programs that you have in-house, as well as those from your vendors, end customers or outside resources. They are the tools of your business. We put them to work for you.


Organize your data.

We take multiple data platforms, many using different fields and tags, and organize them in a standardized format. We transform them into coordinated, useable, functional data sets. Before, you had tools.

Now, you have power tools.


Deliver Business Intelligence.

Based on our experience working in industries like yours, we develop best-in-class solutions to deliver the business intelligence you need. Solutions that are custom-tailored to your industry and business culture, and give you the insight to make a Business Impact.

At Business Impact, we are more than just consultants. We work with you to make sure you are getting full value from your information. That includes building custom reports and dashboards that show your business the way you want to see it. It can also include training your staff, to show them how they can create their own self-service reports and dashboards, without the need to burden your IT department.

The result is moving from a state where you could only ask “What, Where and Who?” to asking (and answering) “Why and How?”