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What is Ross EPM? Our 2nd video in the series.

Are you confused as to where things are going with your Ross EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) Business Intelligence solution?  If you have second guessed what you own with Aptean’s Ross EPM, what value you currently have with the solution, and what the future holds for EPM, watch the second video in the series as Business Impact breaks down the components, defines what you have, and lays out what is valuable within your  current EPM solution.

Watch this short video to learn some of the critical items you should know about EPM.

A few things you’ll learn in the second video in the series:

  • Clarification on BI terms.  ETL, WhereScape, TARGIT, Cubes – what is all this stuff?
  • What have I licensed with Ross EPM?  Is this a tool that I should keep? We think so, and let us walk through what you own and what your investment is worth.
  • What am I paying maintenance for? And what am I getting? Should I continue?
  • Do I have anything worth saving? Of course you do, and we’ll explain what and how to get the most out of it.

By the way, if you missed the introductory video… check out the first video in the series here!

Aptean Edge Review – From Behind the Sign

Roughly 1000 customers from a dozen computer systems have come to Aptean Edge at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, most happy to be out of the office and eager to hear the Aptean updates. Like most user conferences, Aptean Edge has sessions to lay out their road map, changes, updates and all the things that you do at a user show. In the keynote, it was the standard stuff on where they’re going, how much they value listening to the customers, the continued investment into each of their products, along with stuff on the cloud, mobility, changes in the world, etc. The facility is nice and food is reasonably good. The beers are expensive ($12 each) in the restaurants, but it is Vegas, so…Aptean Edge Booth

For us at Business Impact, we’re a first time exhibitor. We’ve gotten to see several of our customers in business intelligence, and that’s always nice. In addition it’s a back to my roots feel as I once worked for Ross Systems, which is one of the ERP systems under the Aptean umbrella. My old friends still working there have been very welcoming and cordial.

The big news from Aptean Edge has been the selection of a corporate wide BI tool – QlikView. The teams have pre-integrated six systems including Ross. There has been little word about the current BI like EPM at Ross and where that will lead other than to QlikView. There is a session on Analytics Strategy that we’ll attend and get more info out to Ross customers interested.

The show wraps up on Thursday afternoon. We are raffling off a fantastic bottle of Far Niente Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 at 5:30 pm on Wednesday evening – TONIGHT. Stop by and say hello “without a care” and enter to win a bottle of one of our client’s remarkable wines.