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I knew we needed TARGIT after the 24-Hour Challenge. The old way – running a report for a category, then running it again for another – was very frustrating. Now I can easily have it my way, with just a few clicks. Whenever I want, I can isolate one store against the whole, or one brand against the category, and I can do it.

Edward Holmes, President

We went from experiencing poor financial performance to last year being the best year in Litehouse history.

Charity Hegel, Director of Finance

Our CFO remarked that our investment paid off within the first 6 months... Today we are making business decisions weeks earlier than before, saving significant costly mistakes."

Ted Benham, CIO, Jennmar

It just makes everything easier, provided us with an instant ROI and made an instant impact in our company.

Alison Surgeon Rombauer Vineyards

They listened to me, understood my requirements and demonstrated how to make the changes that we needed while we were talking. At that point I knew they had something we had to have.

Rob Newhart, CIO, Single Source

Who We Are

Business Impact simplifies the way you gather your valuable company data. By offering top-tier template solutions, we’re able to save businesses time on compiling, staging and analyzing statistics. From food and beverage to retail to manufacturing and more, our customers reap the benefits of an easier data collection strategy that allows them to make quicker and smarter business decisions.

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