July 14, 2015

4 Ways to Excite Your Employees About BI

The concept of business intelligence (BI) is extremely useful and practical for any type of business that desires to keep track of company information and make decisions based on statistics rather than instinct.

But, let’s face it — it’s also not unheard of for employees to be simply bored of the data that’s being collected. Especially if their position doesn’t deal with numbers or statistics on a regular basis, it can be a strain to keep your team engaged with your big data. Now, this doesn’t mean the data isn’t valuable, but naturally, employees may need a fresh perspective to look at the same information for them to be truly in tune with business operations.

In this post, we’ve taken the liberty to highlight a few pointers to help managers engage their employees and get them excited again with their big data.

Communicate with EmployeesDivide the Data Accordingly

Employees, like readers of news articles, want only the information that is relevant and interesting to them, their position’s duties or their clients. With the mounds of data that can be amassed with your BI software, it can become a pain to sift through all the information. Now, imagine each individual employee having to do this work and stay on top of their day-to-day tasks. Needless to say, it can be overwhelming.

Rather than subject them to this large amount of work, it works best to divide the big data into section that apply to each department or even team within departments. Rather than piling the workload on your employees, having team leaders or managers distribute only the relevant data gives them more face time with the information that will familiarizes them more with the data and give them the ability to only pass on the most pressing statistics.

Talk More about Your Data

A big help to not only team-build, but to also better understand your data, is creating a dialogue about the information that is gathered. With several types of information in different formats, it can be difficult to truly comprehend every layer of specific information that your BI solution is trying to tell you.

By discussing among team leaders and members, your company should have a fuller understanding of their individual duties, team goals and larger company objectives.This can even become a part of the workweek where employees look forward to breaking the monotony of the workplace and conversing about new strategies.

cartoon_meetingDevelop an Engagement Routine

Beyond individual team engagement, it can be an entire team-building meeting if multiple departments met on a regular basis to discuss your big data.

Questions should be raised and discussions should ensue to give your entire team a better understanding of the role of business intelligence and can even help those using the technology to search, print and analyze more important data.

Relate Data to Preferences & Affinity

One of the tough parts of making use of BI data is that it’s hard to put a face to the numbers. Using an affinity database helps give businesses a view of how their customers behave or how those with similar characteristics behave.

For those on the sales floor, they can use the BI software in conjunction with an affinity database to make wiser decisions when approaching a prospect or lead.

In sum, the power of business intelligence can be an extremely useful tool when your company is fully invested and engaged. By using these tips, your company should experience a more collaborative environment and more educated workforce will not only use your data more effectively, but also make better decisions for your organization’s future.

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