November 6, 2014

SQL Pass continues with more exciting Power BI

Day 2 at SQL Pass. Couple logistical things that have been a challenge. The sessions have staggered starts. Like some sessions at 10:30 and some starting at 10:45. It’s a pain for sure. Also it rains a lot in Seattle. Who knew?

After an evening of reflection, some summary thoughts on Day 1. The last year has been spent tying together a lot of the promise shown on Power BI and Power View and Power Query and delivering on these things. The sessions have been more focused on tips and tricks on what it can do and how to get there. Personally, I love it. I like living in the real world with real examples.

Previous years have been focused on what Power BI would do someday or the next things that Power View would do. While there are some new additions in terms of features, the speakers have been showing how to use Power Query, or Power View. And also exposing the limits with tips on working around.

Note, to real world, there are plenty of limits. It is not as simple as the demos. Incremental loads. Fiscal year to date without making this for every measure.

I imagine that when SQL 2016 or whatever it will be called is put on the timeline, Summit will revert to what is coming and not how to use it, but for now I’m excited for what comes today.