Recap of Day 2 at SQL Pass Summit 2013

SQL Pass Summit 2013 day 2 sessions! Another great day at the “office”, with great sessions and great opportunity for networking. The keynote was the hot topic at the water cooler, and it was interesting to listen on how it was perceived among participants (Doug Hoogervorst gives his thoughts on the summit keynote). Most agreed… Read more »

SQL PASS Summit Keynote

THANK GOD! I’m watching the keynote at SQL Pass and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 will allow us to ask for simple data we would never ask for and to graphically map it or chart it we would never want. No assistance on helping users join data from multiple systems where there is limited commonality. (Unless… Read more »

Business Impact will Exhibit at SQL Pass Summit 2013!

We’re excited to be hosting a booth at SQL Pass Summit 2013 in Charlotte, NC, from Oct 15-18. It’s our first time (we’ll always remember you Charlotte) and we’re excited because for the past eight years we’ve believed that you have to understand business to build business intelligence solutions. And now we’ll be able to… Read more »

TARGIT and Business Impact Discuss BI Partner Success!

Recently TARGIT’s team sat down with Doug Hoogervorst, Owner and CEO of Business Impact, to discuss how their partnership is generating success.  As a proven team, TARGIT and Business Impact transform company’s data into information, providing customers personalized business intelligence solutions for their organizations. Why is their partnership such a success?  Business Impact unlocks the… Read more »

ViewPoints Business Intelligence Event was a Success!

We want to thank all of our clients and partners that made ViewPoints business intelligence event a success in 2013. With so much changing in the business intelligence world, the day was spent discussing, presenting and learning new concepts in BI.  A few highlights from the ViewPoints event:[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]”You put on a great venue.… Read more »

Filter Reports in Report Manager using Keywords

Microsoft’s Report Manager has already proven its capabilities as a powerful frontend portal, for easy distribution of reports to the business. The folder based interface in a browser makes navigation intuitive and comfortable for most users (even the “technical challenged”!) and allows for great flexibility on security settings down to the individual report, folder or… Read more »

Hiding Unrelated Dimensions in a BI Tool!

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Hide Unrelated Dimensions in a BI Tool. The main power of OLAP viewers (Business Intelligence Tools) is the ability for employees to do Ad Hoc reporting and analysis.  If one simply chooses the measures and dimensions they want to look at, the tool will return the data they are requesting from… Read more »

The Next Big Thing: TARGIT 2k13

Targit 2k13 Presentation @ ViewPoints Business Impact hosted last month ViewPoints, our customer appreciation day in Napa, where we invited our partner TARGIT to present their new product, TARGIT 2k13 – coming out this summer (expected in June). We were all excited to finally see a live demonstration, as we had heard good things about the… Read more »

Snapshot Tables Data Warehouse

Often our customers ask us to capture a specific point in time – say inventory or how much they are owed in Accounts Receivable – so that they can refer back to it later. Of course, this can be recreated by rolling back all the transactions but it is far easier to capture a snapshot… Read more »